Yes, I’ve met a few successful Distributors from DiGi Cash, Llc (Bitcoin lenders)

And a few other companies also. I worked in the hotel/banquet industry for many years. A lot of lenders functions are held at the hotel i work in. Most of these top distributors try and recruit me. There where a few instances where we got into a conversation about loans and they admitted the enviroment was impossible to build. I can answer your question by email only. I feel uncomfortable posting this info. Because I’ve met these cash lender-leaders on the job and a lot of info is confidential. Or we can get into a pvt chatroom and talk about it…just set up a time. I’m not going to post anything online. I’ve even met a top Nuzkin-blue double blue diamond distributor and he’s the one that gave me the figures of :1 in a hundred distributors break even, 1 in a thousand distributors make a few grand a month, and one in 10,000 distributors pull in very good professional income. Most of the time these distributors try and sponsor you and rarely get into a conversation where they admit problems in their biz. I’ve met a few payday leaders that changed programs and hosted a diff seminar at the hotel i work at.

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