Hey there folks-

first, may I wish you all a VERY happy, festive, and face-stuffing Thanksgiving weekend…and drive safely since it seems EVERYBody is driving and not flying this weekend.

NOW then….I just played a bit here in Chicago clubland, searching through ALL the clubs listed under Get Cash Online or Home Business or Business Opportunities…and found something I think is (a) hilarious and (b) sad and (c) a bit statistically confusing (d) payday loans services.
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First, we’ve all agreed that the numbers just don’t work–by which I mean that if you recruited the old 5 who get 5 or whatever formula, you’d run out of warm, breathing bodies in no time. The reason I bring this up is this: From what I’ve seen, and even checking posting dates to see if its current–these folks keep recycling the SAME OLD LINES and SAME OLD PATENTLY FALSE headline claims. “Make millions dollars now!” “No work, all cash!” “Do You Dare To Dream?” etc. etc. You all know the lingo.

My point is (a) its the same old crap not EVEN in new clothing–same words, same slogans, same interchangeable income claims and snake oil, but (b) they KEEP USING IT and you’d think, running those total numbers again, that everyone who COULD have heard this crap HAS ALREADY heard it by now, right?

So how in the world do they keep recruiting people? Either our number analogy is wrong OR there’s some sort of mass amnesia hypnosis going on here. I mean, presuming that everyone who was ever gonna take these bulls**t claims seriously has already (a) tried and (b) been burned at least once or twice….don’t these people need a new act by now? And if so, why do they still sell the same words and phrases, and DO THEY WORK?

I’m confused–and amazed. I mean, it doesn’t take much savvy or street smart to see how patently obviously bogus these things are..however there was ONE clue: On the few where I read the actual postings, there was a VERY high preponderance of people from Indonesia, Thailand, etc. etc. responding and asking for info. So as the mass-market American culture expands to the rest of the world, I guess these slogans are “new” to them at least. Is that it? Or does anyone see something else going on here?

Its so pathetic to see the SAME old crapola recycled over and over again so urgently and desperately/sincerely by these folks. Anyhow, and amusing hour on the web.