As I have discovered

CashInn is just the motivational/recruiting front for Am Loans Llc/AML, Llc. The fact that Calhoun supports their ideas is absolutely meaningless – the man is making a freaking fortune speaking to LTT groups and selling his materials to their participants. If you go back through posts on the forum, you will find several discussions about Calhoun.
His endorsement is about as meaningful as Jerry Falwell, who gets $100,000/month from Dexler Lyager, saying that Dex is a great Christian guy ..

According to AML’s OWN numbers, if you get through the hype and really do some crunching, only 1% even have a chance of “success.” And that 1% (those who reach the platinum level) are, on average, still losing money every year because of their “system” expenses. Best possible case, Diamonds can comprise only about 0.0017% (going by memory here) of all participants, and the actual numbers are even lower than that.┬áJust for fun, run their plan through the “5-Step Analysis” in the resources section of the Pyramid Scheme Alert website

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